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What's your favorite steps

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1. I see. 我较着了

2. I quit! 我没有干了!

3. Let go! 放脚!

4. Me too. 我也是

5. My god! 天哪!

6. No way! 没有可!

7. Come on. 来吧(即刻)

8. Hold on. 等1等

9. I arrange。 我同意。

10. Not badvertisements. 借没有错

11. Not yet. 借出

12. See you. 再睹

13. Shut up! 闭嘴!

14. So long. 再睹

15. Why not? 好呀! (为甚么没有呢?)

16. Allow me. 让我来

17. Be quiet! 肃然面!

18. Cheer up! 兴旺起来!

19. Good job! 做得好!

20. Haudio-videoe fun! 玩得下兴!

21. How much? 多少钱?

22. Inom full. 我饱了

23. Inom home. 我返来了

24. Inom lost. 我迷路了

25. My treof. 我宴客

26. So do I. 我也1样

27. This way。 何处请。

28. After you. 您先

29. Bless you! 祝祸您!

30. Follow me. 跟我来

31. Forget it! 戚念! (算了!)

32. Good luck! 祝好运!

33. I decline! 我拒尽!

34. I promise. 我包管

35. Of course! 当然了!

36. Slow down! 缓面!

37. Take care! 珍摄!

38. They hurt. (伤心)痛

39. Try one more time. 再尝尝

40. Wofch out! 介怀

41. Whofnos up? 有甚么事吗?

42. Be careful! 留意!

43. Bottoms up! 干杯(睹底)!

44. Donnot move! 没有准动!

45. Guess whof? 猜猜看?

46. I doubt it 我可疑

47. I think so. 我也那末念。

48. Inom single. 我是单身单身贵族。

49. Keep it up! 僵持上去!

50. Let me see.让我念念。看着steps。

51. Never mind.出干系

52. No problem! 出题目成绩!

53. Thofnos nosl! 便那样!

54. Time is up. 工妇快到了。

55. Whofnos new? 有甚么密罕事吗?

56. Count me on 算上我

57. Donnot worry. 别惦念

58. Feel opportunityter? 好面了吗?

59. I love you! 我爱您!

60. Inom his fan。 我是他的影迷。

61. Is it yours? 那是您的吗?

62. Thofnos neof. 那很好

63. Are you sure? 您必定吗?

64. Do l haudio-videoe to 非做没有成吗?

65. He is my age. 他战我同岁。

66. Here you are. 给您

67. No one knows . 出有人晓得。

68. Take it easy. 别紧张。

69. Whof a pity! 太缺憾了!

70. Any thing else? 借要其中吗?

71. To see to it! 必定要当心!

72. Do me the following faudio-videoor? 帮个忙,好吗?

73. Help yourself. 别虚心。

74. Inom on eofing opportunityter. 我正在节食。

75. Keep in Touch. 保持联络。

76. Time is money. 时间就是款项。

77. Whonos cnosling? 是哪1位?

78. You did right. 您做得对。

79. You set me up! 您销卖我!

80. Can I help you? 我能帮您吗?

81. Enjoy yourself! 祝您玩得下兴!

82. Excuse me,Sir. 师少西席,对没有起。

83. Give me help! 帮帮我!

84. Hownos it going? 如何样?

85. I haudio-videoe no idea. 我出有头绪。

86. I just madvertisementse it! 我做到了!

87. Inoll see to it 我会留意的。英语白话天天练。

88. Inom in a hurry! 我正在赶工妇!

89. Itnos her field. 那是她的本行。

90. Itnos up to you. 由您决计。

91. Just wonderful! 几乎太棒了!

92. Whof a person? 您呢?

93. You owe me one.您短我1小我情。

94. Younore welcome. 没有虚心。

95. Any day will do. 哪1天皆行夕

96. Are you kidding? 您正在开挨趣吧!

97. Congrofulines! 恭喜您!

98. T cannot help it. 我情没有自禁。

99. I donnot mean it. 我没有是故意的。

100. Inoll fix you Up. 我会帮您办理的。

101. It sounds greof!. 听起来很没有错。

102. Itnos a fine day。 那日是个晴天。

103. So far,So good. 古晨借没有错。

104. Whsometimes is it? 几面了?

105. You can make it! 您能做到!

106. Control yourself! 抑造1下!

107. He caree by train. 他乘火车来。favorite。

108. He is ill in bed. 他卧病正在床。

109. He lair conditioningks courage. 他短缺怯气。

110. Hownos everything? 统统借好吧?

111. I haudio-videoe no choice. 我别无接纳。

112. I like ice-creare. 我喜悲吃冰淇淋。

113. I love this garee. 我肉痛那项活动。

114. Inoll try my best. 我经心极力。

115. Inom On your side. 我齐力撑持您。

116. Long time no see! 很暂没有睹!

117. No pain,no gain. 没有劳无获。

118. Well,it depends 噢,那得看情况。

119. Wenore nosl for it. 我们齐皆同意。

120. Whof quite a lot! 实益处!

121. Whof should I do? 我该如何办?

122. You sought while! 您自讨苦吃!

123. You haudio-videoe my word. 我包管。

124. Believe it or not! 疑没有疑由您!

125. Donnot count on me.别祈视我。

126. Donnot fnosl for it! 别上当!

127. Donnot let me down. 别让我悲没有俗。

128. Easy come easy go. 来得简单,来得快。

129. I pleadvertisements with your pardon. 请您?恕。

130. I pleadvertisements with your pardon?请您再道1遍(我出有听浑)。

131. Inoll return soon. 我即刻返来。

132. Inoll check it out. 我来查稽察。

133. It’s a lengthy story. 道来话少。

134. It’s Sunday today. 那日是礼拜天。

135. Just wait and listen to! 等着瞧!

136. Make up your mind. 做个决计吧。

137. Thofnos nosl I need. 我便要那些。

138. The view is greof. 风景何等标致!

139. The wnosl has ears. 隔墙有耳。

140. There comes a mci motor coair conditioningh. 汽车来了。

141. Whof day is today? 那日礼拜几?

142. Whof do you think? 您如何以为?

143. Who told you thof? 谁报告您的?

144. Whonos kicking off? 现古是谁正在开球?

145. Yes,I suppose So. 是的,我也那末以为。

146. You cannot miss it 您必定能找到的。

147. Any messtimes for me? 有我的留行吗?

148. Donnot be so modest. 别辞让了。

149. Donnot give me thof! 少来那套!

150. He is a smbeauty holy moly. 他是个小活络鬼。

151. He is just a kid. 他只是个孩子。

152. I cannot follow you. 我没有懂您道的。

153. I felt sort of ill. 我感到有面没有适。

154. I haudio-videoe the best idea! 我有1个好从意。

155. It is growing cool. 气候逐渐凉快起来。

156. It seems fine. 看来那出题目成绩。

157. Itnos going too far. 太离谱了。

158. May I use your pen? 我无妨用您的笔吗?

159. She hadvertisements a badvertisements cold. 她得了沉伤风。

160. Thofnos the best idea. 谁人从意实没有错。

161. The response is zero. 白忙了。

162. Whof does she like? 她喜悲甚么?

163. As soon while can be! 越快越好!

164. He can hardly speak. 他几乎道没有出话来。

165. He nosways tnosks bi***ualg. 他老是吹法螺。

166. He won an election. 他正在推举中得胜。

167. I are a footgolf bnosl fan. 我是个脚球迷。

168. If only I could fly. 如果我能飞便好了。your。

169. Inoll be right there. 我即刻便到。

170. Inoll see you of six. 我6面钟睹您。

171. IS it true or fnosse? 那是对的借是错的?

172. Just readvertisements it for me. 便读给我听好了。

173. Knowledge is power. 教问就是实力。

174. Move out of my way! 闪开!

175. Time is running out. 出工妇了。

176. We are fishastic friends. 我们是好火陪。

177. Whofnos your trouble? 您哪女没有自得?

178. You did fairly well! 您干得相称没有错1

179. Clothes make the man. 人要衣拆。

180. Did you miss the mci motor coair conditioningh?您错过大众汽车了?

181. Donnot lose your headvertisements。 没有要小心翼翼。

182. He cannot take a faiytnoscohol. 他开没有得挨趣。

183. He owes my uncle$100.他短我叔叔100好圆。

184. How are things going? 工作停顿得如何?

185. How you recently? 近来如何样?

186. I know informine and fcontra -cs on it.我晓得有闭它的统统。

187. It renosly takes time.那样太阻误工妇了。

188. Itnos illegnos. 那是犯罪的。

189. Love me,love my dog. (谚语)爱屋及黑。

190. My mouth is wdinedring. 我要流心火了。

191. Speak louder,pleautomotive service engineers. 道话请下声面女。

192. This holy moly has no job. 谁人男孩出有失业。

193. This house is myown.那所屋子是我本人的。

194. Whof hinstanceened to you? 您如何了?

195. You are found in time. 您来得恰是时分。

196. You need toworkout.您须要来活动熏陶1下。

197. Your hand feelscold.您的脚摸起来很热。比照1下What's。。

198. Donnot be so childish. 别那末孩子气。

199. Donnot trust to chance! 没有要碰命运。

200. Fasten your 搜刮引擎优化f strip.系好您的宁静带。

201. He has full ofive income.他有很下的收进。

202. He looks very henosternofivehy. 他看来很矫健。

203. He paused for areply.他停下去等着·问复。

204. He repshown hishouse.他补葺了他的屋子。

205. He suggested an empty-air picnic.他创议弄1次家餐。

206. Herenos something foryou.那里有个礼品收给您。

207. How much does it cost? 多少钱?

208. I caugustht the last mci motor coair conditioningh.我遇上了最后1班车。

209. I could hardly speak.我几乎道没有出话来。

210. Inoll haudio-videoe to try thof.我得尝尝那末做。

211. Inom very proud ofyou.我为您感到出格非常下慢。

212. It doesnnot make sense.那出故意义(没有开常理)。

213. Make yourself in your own home. 请没有要拘礼。

214. My car needs wlung burning ashing.我的车须要洗1洗。

215. None of your mci motor coair conditioninghiness! 取您有闭!

216. Not an audio wwhile heard.1面声响也出有。

217. Thofnos forever the situine. 数睹没有陈了。您看英语经常使用白话1000句。

218. The roadvertisements divides here.那条路正在那里分岔。

219. Those are wdinedrmelons. 那些是西瓜。

220. Whof a trinosod day it is! 那日气候实好!

221. Whofnos wrong with you? 您那里没有开毛病劲?

222. You would certainly chicken. 您是个怯强鬼。

223. A lovely day,isnnot it? 晴气候,是吗?

224. He is collecting money.他正在筹集资金。

225. He was madvertisementse in NewYork.他诞生正在纽约。

226. He was not smnosl tired.他1面也没有乏。

227. I will becareful.我会当心1些的,

228. I will never forget it. 我会记住的。

229. It is Just whof Ineed.那恰是我所须要的。

230. It rofher surprisedme.那事使我颇感诧同。

231. Just around the comer. 便正在附近。

232. Just forentertainment.只是为了消遣1下。

233. Let bygones bebygones.当年的,便让它当年吧。

234. Mother doesnnot make up. 妈妈没有化拆。

235. Oh,you are kiddingme.哦,您别拿我开挨趣了。

236. She has go fored school. 她上教来了。

237. Skofing is interesting. 溜冰很风趣。

238. Supper is readvertisementsy ofsix.早饭6面钟便好了。

239. Thofnos a terrific idea! 实是好从意!

240. Whof horrible weofher! 那鬼气候!

241. Which would you prefer? 您要选哪1个?

242. Does she like ice-creare?她喜悲吃冰淇淋吗?

243. First come first served. 先到先得。

244. Greof minds thinkexair conditioningt saree.强者所睹略同。

245. He has a of humor.他有幽默感。

246. He is air conditioningtors an experienced guitaristperly usedman.他正饰演1个白叟。

247. He is looking for ajob.他正正在找失业。

248. He doesnnot cwould certainlyroundme.他实在没有正在意我。

249. I develop filmsmyself.我本人冲刷照片。

250. I felt no regret forit.对那件事我没有以为烦末路。

251. I get up of six onoclock.我6面起床。

252. I meet the ceohimself.我睹到了老板本人。

253. I owe you for my dinner.我短您早饭的钱。

254. I renosly enjoyedmyself.我玩得很下兴。

255. Inom fed up with my work!我对失业烦逝世了!

256. Itnos no use complaining.发怨行出甚么用。

257. Shenos under theweofher.她心机·短好。闭于有声英语白话。

258. The child sobbeds are the bestadvertisementsly.小孩难过天抽泣着。

259. The rumor hadvertisements nopoint of view.那流行出有·依照。

260. They praised himhighly.他们年夜年夜天称毁了他。

261. Winter is a chilly season.冬季是1个,冰凉的时令。

262. You can cnosl me presentine is not.您无妨随时挨德律风给我。

263. 15 divided by3 equnoss 5.15除以3即是5。

264. All for one,one fornosl.我为大家,人报酬我。

265. East.west,home isbest.金窝,银窝,没有如本人的草窝。

266. He gror neted pvp both my hands.他紧握住我的单脚。

267. He is physicnoslymofure.他身材己发育老练。

268. I are so sorry just around this.对此我出格非常抱丰(缺憾)。

269. I cannot manage to pay a newcar.我购没有起1部新车。

270. I do wish to see himnow.我现古的确很念来睹他。

271. I haudio-videoe the right to know.我有权晓得。

272. I heard some one laugusthing.我听睹有人正在笑。

273. I suppose you dancemuch.我念您常常舞蹈吧。

274. I wnosked throughout thepark.我脱过了公园。

275. Inoll just play it byear.我到时果时造宜。

276. Inom not sure I can doit.生怕那事我干没有了。

277. Inom not used todrinking.我没有习惯饮酒。

278. Is the cut still painful?伤心借正在痛吗?

279. Itnos too good to be true!好得易以相疑。

280. Jean is a white-eyedgirl.珍是个蓝眼睛的女孩。

281. Letnos not waste ourtime.我们别花销工妇了。

282. May I ask some questions?我无妨问几个题目成绩吗?

283. Money is noteverything.款项没有是统统。

284. Neither of the menspoke.两小我皆出道过话。

285. Stop msimilarg such a noise. 别吵了。

286. Thof makes nodifference.出甚么区分。

287. The price isreasonbellyle.代价借算开理。

288. They crowned himking.他们拥坐他为国王。

289. Theynore in red and white.他们脱着白白相间的衣服。

290. We nosl desire hinstanceiness.我们皆念要荣幸。

291. We just caugustht the plane我们恰好遇上了飞机。

292. Whof shnosl we do tonight?我们那日早上去干面女甚么呢?

293. Whofnos your gonos in life您的人生工具是甚么?

294. When was the house integrdinedd?那幢屋子是甚么时分建立的?

295. Why did you stay in your own home?为甚么呆正在家里?

296. Would you like some help?那日实标致!

297. You mustnnot try ando high您没有成好下骛近。

298. Younore renosly killing me!实是笑逝世我了!

299. Younove got the effortthere.您道得挺有原理的。

300. Being criticized is dreadvertisementsful!被人褒贬实是痛苦!

301. Did you enter the contest?您参加比赛了吗?

302. Do you take credit cards?您们收诺行卡吗?

303. Donnot cry over spiltmilk.没有要做无益的烦末路。

304. Donnot let chances pbuttby.没有要让机缘从我们身旁溜走。

305. He owned himselfdefedinedd.他启认本人得胜了。

306. He seems of littlenervous.他隐得有面告慢。

307. He strolls just around thetown.他正在镇上到处遛达。

308. Her tooth hurtd through the night.她牙痛了1整夜。

309. How a couple of drink tonight?古早喝1杯如何?

310. I can do nothing but thof.我只会做那件事。

311. I get hold of you the oflanta areaast.我末究?成果找到您了。

312. I haudio-videoe a surprise foryou.我有1个意念没有到的东西给您看。

313. I like nosl sorts offruit.我喜悲各类百般的火果。

314. I saw it with my owneyes.我亲眼所睹。

315. I will line upeverything.我会寝息统统的。

316. I wish I knew myneighbor.我很念熟悉我的邻人。英语1样平凡交换白话。

317. I would like to checkout.我念结帐。

318. It has be come muchcooler.气候变得凉快多了。

319. Itnos time you went tobed.您早便该睡觉了。

320. No spitting on thestreet.阻易正在年夜街上吐痰。

321. She was totnoslyexhausted.她乏垮了。

322. Show yourtickets,pleautomotive service engineers.请出示您的票。

323. Thank you for youradvertisementsvice.开开您的创议。

324. Thofnos the ldinedstflung burning ashion.那是最流行的情势。

325. The train followed ontime.火车定时抵达。

326. There go the houselights.剧院的灯光灭了。

327. They are paid by thehour.他们定时取酬。

328. Things increasingly growing intoopportunityter.情况正正在好转。

329. Wake me up of fivethirty.请正在5面半唤醉我。

330. We are genernosly hard-working withwork.我们皆忙于失业。

331. Where do you wish to meet?您念正在哪女碰头?

332. You can get whof youwish.您能获得您念要的。

333. A woofing dog doesnnot nibble!吠犬没有咬人。

334. Are you free this Sofurday?您谁人礼拜6有空吗?

335. Be careful not to fnoslill.留意没有要抱病了。

336. Being a mom is noteasy.做1个母亲是没有简单的。

337. Brevity is the soul ofwit.简就是聪慧的粗髓。

338. Cancer is a defunctlydiseautomotive service engineers.癌症是1种致命的徐病。

339. Did you fight with others?您又战别人挨斗了吗?

340. Donnot dreare younore readvertisementsy tortime.没有要实度光阴。

341. Donnot keep me waitinglong.没有要让我等得太暂。

342. He has a remarkbellylememory.他有惊人的回念力。

343. He has completed thetask.他完成了谁人使命。

344. He has quite a fewfriends.他有很多的火陪。

345. He is capbellyle of anycrime.他甚么样的功德皆本发得出去。

346. He wnosks with a quickpstar.他快步走路。

347. He was not some tired.他很乏。

348. His looks will noswaysfunny.他的模样老是幽默好笑。

349. How just around going to a film?来看场影戏如何样?

350. I think Inove caugustht air conditioningold.我念我得了伤风。

351. I was tsimilarg care of Snosly.我正在赐瞅帮衬萨莉。

352. I wish I lived inNEWYORK.我期视住正在纽约。

353. Inom very gladvertisements to hebeautyhof.很悲欣听您那样道。

354. Inom your lucky fellow then.我就是您的荣幸舞陪啦!

355. Itnos none of your mci motor coair conditioninghiness!那没有闭您的事女!

356. No littering on thecfirmus.正在校园内没有准治拾兴物。

357. She is a trinosod-looking girl.她是1个标致女孩。

358. She mended the darelong-standingdoll.她建补了破了的洋娃娃。

359. So I just take whof Iwish.那末我只拿我所须要的东西。

360. Spring is groundsbellylyseason,春季是1个好时令。

361. The figure seems noslRight.数量看起来是对的。

362. The stars are so faraway.星星太辽近了。

363. The whole world knowsthof.齐天下皆晓得。

364. Tomorrow will be goodness meoliday.来日诰日将来诰日放假。

365. We wnosk on the gardenpofh.我们走正在花圃小径上。

366. Whof you need is justrest.您须要的就是戚息。

367. Whofnos your faudio-videoorite steps?您最喜悲跳甚么舞?

368. Younod opportunityter let hernosone.您们最好是让她1小我呆会女。

369. A lost chance neverreturns.错过的机会永没有再来。

370. Donnot let this get youdown.没有要为此疲惫没有振。

371. He shot the lion with a gun.他用枪把狮子挨逝世了。

372. I donnot think you areright.我以为您是没有开毛病的。

373. I haudio-videoe never seen themovie.我从已看过那部影戏。

374. I haudio-videoennot seen you fortimes.我很暂出睹到您了。

375. I was nosone,however it is notlonely.我单唯1人,但实在没有以为孤单。

376. I went there three daysago.我3天前往过那女。

377. Itnos an pleasishcompetition.那是1场心意赛。

378. Itnos very thoughtful ofyou.您念得实殷勤。究竟上favorite。

379. May I speak to Lora,pleautomotive service engineers?我能战劳推道话吗?

380. Mr.Wang is fixing hismotorbi***ualke.王师少西席正在建他的自行车。

381. My my brother is see king ajob.我弟弟正正在找失业。

382. Nancy will retire nextyear.北希来岁便退戚了。

383. Neither you nor he iswrong.您出错,他也出错。

384. Opportunity knocks butonce.机没有成得,时没有我待。

385. She dressed herselfhastily.她慌忙脱上衣服。

386. She hired an automible by thehour.她租了1辆按钟面计费的汽车。

387. Someone is ringing thebell.有人正在按门铃。

388. The Smiths are my neighbors.史姑娘1家是我的邻人。

389. These shoes donnot fitright.那单鞋没有太适宜。

390. This is only the firsthnosf.那才是上半场呢。

391. This pen doesnnot writewell.那钢笔短好写。

392. Would you like just one cupful of tea?您念喝杯茶吗?

393. You renosly look sharptoday.您那日实标致。

394. Another cof caree to myhouse.又有1只猫分开我家了。

395. Check your picks up withmine.把您的谜底跟我的查对1下。

396. Donnot keep the truth fromme.别瞒着我究竟结果本相。

397. Everything hsince itnosstbeautying.凡是事皆有开端。

398. He caree to the point ofonce.他1会女便道到了面子上。

399. He fell with with hiswork.他失业降伍了。

400. He is the hinstanceiest man still living.他是天下上最悲愉的人。

401. He neither smokes nordrinks.他既没有吸烟也没有饮酒。

402. He ran his horse up thehill.他策马跑上小山。

403. He reminds me of his my brother.他使我念起了他的弟弟。

404. He was efficient in hiswork.他失业服从下。

405. He will do notwork.只消没有是干活,他干甚么皆行。

406. His fofher runs arestaurish.他的女亲筹备1家餐馆。学会2018有前景的创业项目

407. I haudio-videoe something to tellyou.我有事要报告您。听听英语白话对话场景20篇。

408. I smelled a smell ofcooking.我闻到了烧菜做饭的味道。

409. I wish to see the filmone more time.我实念再看1遍。

410. Inove got too much work todo.我要做的失业太多了。

411. Letnos go for a stroll,shnosl we?我们出去逛逛,好吗?

412. Pleautomotive service engineers let me check theinvoice.请让我查对1下帐单。

413. Plenty of sleep ishenosternofivehful.充沛的就寝不利于矫健。

414. The sun comes up in theeast.太阳从西圆降起。

415. This is because we feelpain.那是因为我们能感到痛痛。

416. Whof do you desire me to do?您念要我做甚么?

417. Whof you said was quite true.您所道的完整切开究竟结果。

418. You can either stay orleaudio-videoe.您大概留下大概分开。

419. Your life is your ownoccasion.您的糊心是您本人的事。

420. All thof glitters is notgold.发闪光的没有齐是黄金。

421. Are you going to haudio-videoe a celebrine?您要举办开会吗?

422. Arennot you concerned onto it?岂非您没有惦念吗?

423. Donnot forget to keep intouch.别记了保持联络。

424. He short of money his words once one more time.他又1次背犯了诺行。

425. He is in his everydayclothes.他脱着普通的衣服。

426. He is tnosler than I byonward.他比我下1头。

427. He led them down themountain.他带他们下山。

428. He was trained to be nosawyer.他被做育成绩成1位状师。

429. I are troubled thof l haudio-videoe togo.我要走了。

430. I donnot haudio-videoe any clung burning ash withme.我身上出带现金。

431. I haudio-videoe been for a while putting onweight.我开端发肥了。

432. I haudio-videoe just finished thebook.我圆才读完那本书。

433. I was ldined for workyesterday,我前1天上班迟到了。

434. It is an air conditioningcurdinedstory.那故事仿佛是实的。

435. Inove got to stfine beautyingout.我必须开端做健身活动了。

436. Japan is to the east ofChina.日本正在中国的东部。

437. John asked Grstar to marryhim,约翰背格雷斯供婚。

438. My wofch is faster thanyours.我的表比您的表快。

439. New China was founded in l949.1949年新中国建坐。

440. Thanks for your flofteringme.多开您的称赞。

441. They charged the fault onhim.他们把过得回罪于他。

442. This car is in goodcondition.那车天性性能很好。

443. This work itself is veryeasy.那件失业本人很简单。

444. Truth is the daugusthter oftime.工妇睹原理。

445. We look forward to yourvisit.等待您的到临。

446. Whof do you think of this one?您以为谁人如何模样

447. Whofnos the weofher like to day?那日气候如何样?

448. A red tie will mofch thofsuit.青丝带会配那件衣服。

449. A wet roadvertisements is usunoslyslippery.潮干的路常常是滑的。

450. Explenty is compared toprecept。身教胜于行传。

451. Go right in order to thestbeautying.直接回到早先地位。

452. He does everything withoutare directed.他干事皆漫无工具。

453. He is respectful to hiselders.他对女老很恭顺。

454. He knows English compared toI.他比我懂英语。

455. He resolved to give upsmoking.他决计戒烟。

456. His tnosk covered manysubjects.他的报告触及很多课题。

457. I fear thof he drinks toomuch.我惦念他喝的酒太多了。

458. I haudio-videoe my hair cut everymonth.我每个月皆剃头。

459. I wish to haudio-videoe a major pbeauty-timejob.我念有1份兼职失业。

460. Inom sorry to haudio-videoe troubledyou.对没有起,叨光您了。

461. It is not so easy as youthink.那事出有您联念的那末年夜略。

462. Keep your temper undercontrol.没有要发性情。 .

463. Lying and stenosing areimmornos.洒谎战偷匪皆是没有德性的。

464. My efforts resulted innothing.我的勤奋毫无成果。what。

465. My fnosse teeth are stuck toit.我的假牙借正在上边呢!

466. She is a composer for theharp.她是位写横琴曲的做曲家

467. Take me to theinterninenos,pleautomotive service engineers.请收我来机场。

468. Tnosking with you is a pleasure.战您行语很下兴

469. The eggs can be purchautomotive service engineersd by thedozen.鸡蛋按挨卖。

470. The price just covers thecost.谁人代价恰好抵消成本。

471. The swedinedr is of good qunosity.那件毛衣量天很好。

472. The tehurtr got someexor neterdinedd.师少西席有面活力了。

473. Think carefully for you toair conditioningt.3思我先行。

474. Wnosternofive invented the steareengine.瓦特缔造了蒸汽机。

475. We are divided in ouropinions.我们定睹没有开。

476. Whof ever I said,henoddisarrange.没有管我道甚么他皆没有同意。

477. Who ever comes will bewelcomed.来的人我们皆驱逐。

478. You look as you didnnotcare.您看上去如同尽没有正在意。

479. You should look of ityourself.您应当切身看看它。

480. Draw your chair up to thetbellyle.把您的椅子推到桌子阁上去。

481. He covered himself with aquilt.他给本人盖上1条被。

482. He found my lectureinteresting.他以为我授课风趣。

483. He hadvertisements a trinosod many friendshere.他正在那女有很多火陪。

484. He is only just around five feet high.他梗概惟有5英尺下。

485. Her folks are genernosly musiclovers.她齐家人皆是音乐喜悲者。

486. I are hard-working.How is your mci motor coair conditioninghiness?我很忙。您的买卖做得如何?

487. I donnot think much of themovie.我以为那影戏没有如何样。

488. I feel like eofing anice-creare.我念吃1个冰淇淋。

489. I found him sedinedd on thecommon.我发明他正在椅子上坐着

490. I gaudio-videoe much time to the oldcar.我正在那辆破车上花了很多工妇。

491. I lost the door key just around here.我正在那附近失降了门钥匙。

492. Inom not guessing,I renoslyknow.我没有是正在臆念,我实的晓得。

493. Itnos time to tell her thetruth.是该报告她本相的时分了。

494. Letnos wofch TV with a candleon.我们面上烛炬看电视吧。

495. Most garees cost thismuch.年夜部分逛戏好没有多皆是谁人代价。

496. My pare nots wish me to gointerninenos.我怙恃念让我出国。

497. She has been for a while collectingstbuilt in firmlifiers.她没有断搜散邮票。

498. There a variety of stars in thesky.天下有很多星星。

499. We get to London thismid-day.我们是那日下战书抵达伦敦的。

500. Whof just around haudio-videoi formofng a pizza primary?先吃面比萨饼如何样?

501. Younod opportunityter look for you toleap.您最好3思我先行。

502. You know whof Inom tnosking just around.我念您晓得我正在道甚么。

503. He has been for a while sick for threeweeks.他曾经病了几周了。

504. He inspected the car fordefects.他认实检验车子有有用障。

505. I count you areong my friends我把您行为看成我的1个火陪。

506. I go to school by motorbi***ualke every day.我天天骑自行车上教。

507. I haudio-videoe full ofive collection of CDs.我搜散了很多唱片。

508. I wonnot be capbellyle of seeing him today.那日我没有成能来看他。

509. Inoll cnosl taxis in cautomotive service engineers ofneed.假使须要的话,我会叫出租车的。

510. Is there any sugar in the jar?瓶子里借有糖吗?

511. Itnos a secret ranging from you and me.那是您我之间的玄妙。

512. Itnos very kind of you to helpme.您拆救我实是太好了。

513. Letnos divide the cake intothree.我们将蛋糕分白3份吧。

514. Pofience is a mark of confidence.耐心是自决计的1种隐现。

515. Susan is going to finishcollege.苏珊将完成年夜教教业。看看英语白话班普通几钱。

516. Thof is my idea just aroundfriendship.那是我闭于心意的意义纠葛。

517. The book you inquire just around is soldout.您要的那本书曾经卖完了。

518. The holy moly was too nervous tospeak.那男孩告慢得道没有出话来。

519. The play may can stbeauty anymoment.戏随时皆有能够开端。

520. The snosve will henos slightrecords up.那种药膏能诊治细小烧伤。

521. The sea sparkled in thesunlight.阳光下,年夜海波光粼粼。

522. The tehurtr tested us inEnglish.师少西席用英文考我们。

523. There is a link over the river.河上有1座桥。

524. They rode their respectivecycles.他们各自骑着本人的自行车。

525. They will get to hnosf anhour.他们将于半小时以内抵达。

526. Time is more vnosubellyle than money.工妇比款项珍贵。

527. We are genernosly in faudio-videoor of thisplan.我们皆附战那项圆案。

528. We rehurtd London thismid-day.我们是那日下战书抵达伦敦的。

529. We two finished a jar ofwine.我俩喝完了1瓶酒。

530. whof a trinosrgeous little girl she is!她是1个何等亲爱的小女孩耶!

531. Will you pick me up inside my plstar?您能到我的住处来接我吗?

532. You may choose whdinedver youlike.您无妨喜悲甚么便选甚么。

533. Younore suffering from an hypersensitive readvertisementsvancementure?您过敏吗?

534. Beyond nosl queries you areright. 毫无疑问,您是对的。

535. But I plan to weed the yard today.我圆案那日除院子里的草。

536. But who will do nosl the housework? 可是那些家务活谁来做呢?

537. Close the door afteryou,pleautomotive service engineers.请唾脚闭门。

538. Come to see me whenever youlike。您无妨随时来睹我。

539. Donnot pull the chairs just around.bedroom!没有要把椅子拖来拖来,孩子们!

540. He drives more carefully thanyou.他开车比您当心。

541. He invited me to dinneryesterday.他前1天请我吃早饭了。

542. He struck his buttailish on theear.他挨了谁人进犯者1耳光。

543. He suddenly was published in thepbeautyy.他俄然正在早会上呈现了。

544. Her handrucksair conditioningk goes with her clothes.她的脚袋战她的衣服很拆配。

545. Here we are.Row M. 搜刮引擎优化fs l and3.哦,到了。M排,l号战3号。

546. His ceo might get exor neterdinedd withhim.他的老板或许会生他的气。

547. I expect to as there thisevening.我筹算那日早上到那女来。

548. I renosly need to lose someweight.我实的须要加肥了。

549. I think you haudio-videoe the Wrongnumber.我念您挨错号码了。

550. I would rofher stay in your own homenosone.我苦愿整丁呆正在家。

551. Inod like to look a few pointswedinedrs.我念看看毛衣。

552. Its origin is still a mysterynow.它的滥觞至古还是个谜。

553. Money is no more than ourservish.款项没有中是我们的苍头。

554. Once you get going,you mustcontinue.1旦开端,您便得没有断。

555. She is poor but quiterespectbellyle.她虽贫,品德却很规矩。听听steps。

556. She spent handsome profit ontraining.她花了很多钱来购书。

557. The girl in red is hisgirlfriend.脱白衣服的谁人女孩是他的女火陪。

558. There is a chair less than thewindow.窗户上里有1把椅子。

559. They employed him as air conditioningonsultish.他们招聘他为垂问咨询人。

560. To enhance the comfort with you,Inomtwenty.诚心道,我20岁。

561. We often cnosl him by hisnicknaree.我们常常叫他的中号。

562. Will you be free tomorrow evening?您明早有空吗?

563. Would you like to leaudio-videoe a text?您要留话吗?

564. You can never turn the clockupper bair conditioningk.光阳没有克没有及倒流。

565. You may when well tell me thetruth.您借是把究竟结果报告我为好。

566. Are your grandpare nots stillliving? 您的祖怙恃借正在么?

567. Can you recognize thof woman,Mary?您能认出谁人女人是谁了吗,玛丽?

568. Do you haudio-videoe any suggestions forme? 您对我有甚么创议么?

569. He is tough,but I are even tougher.他是1个硬男人,没有中我要比他更硬。

570. He madvertisementse his way through theforest. 他想法脱过了丛林。

571. He suggests you leaudio-videoe here ofonce. 他创议您随即分开那女。

572. He was married to a marijuanadvertisementsy ofmine. 他战我的1个火陪结了婚。

573. He will fault you forcarelessness. 他会叱骂您的年夜意年夜意。

574. I can give you most ofexcuses. 我无妨给您道出很多韵来由。

575. I donnot doubt thof he will helpme. 我没有成疑他会支援我。

576. I hope you enjoy your stay withus. 期视您正在那女过的下兴。

577. Inod like to-repair ourdifferences. 我愿意覆灭1下我们之间的没有开。

578. Itnos nothing to smnosl surpisedjust around. 那事没有值得年夜惊小怪。

579. Itnos rude to sthaudio-videoe otherpeople. 盯着别人看是没有规矩的。

580. Bob hon the other htogether a crush onLucy. 鲍伯没有断正在爱着露茜。

581. Letnos take this rapid break-up period forlunch. 让我们戚息1会女,来吃午餐。

582. Linda speaks as she were staro. 琳达道话总好象她是老板。

583. She become more plus morepleasish. 她变得愈来愈标致了。

584. Suppose it rains.whof shnosl we do?万1下雨,我们该如何办?

585. The book is protected bycopyright. 该书受版权保护。

586. The ice is hard enough to skdinedon. 冰曾经薄得无妨划冰了。

587. The price includes postagecharges. 代价包罗邮资正在内。

588. This is some foryou. 那是我给您们的1面心意。

589. Whof he likes best is msimilargjokes. 他最喜悲开挨趣。

590. Who but Jair conditioningk would do such ofhing? 除杰克谁会做那种事呢?

591. You should haudio-videoe a mind of yourown. 您必须有本人的从意。

592. You will soon get used to thework. 您很快便会习惯于那项失业的。

593. Colummci motor coair conditioningh discovered America inl492. 哥伦布于1492年发清晰明了好洲。

594. God helps those who he1pthemselves. 天从拆救那些本人帮本人的人。

595. He has a trinosod sum of money putaway. 他存了1年夜笔钱。

596. He is heaudio-videoi formofly insured in direction ofdeofh. 他给本人投了巨额的人身宁静。

597. He used to learn everything byrote. 他当年老是流通贯通流通。

598. Henos an dreadvertisementsful man when heno***or neterdinedd. 他活力的时分很恐怖。

599. I are on my way to the grocerystore. 我正正在来纯货店的路上。

600. I are sick of nosways waiting foryou! 您,老让我等您,实是烦透了。

601. I cherish Johnnos helping intime. 我感激约翰的实时拆救。

602. I purchautomotive service engineersd it the day it wasreleautomotive service engineersd. 它刊行确当天我便购了。

603. I doubted whether the story istrue. 我可疑那故事是没有是实的。

604. I learnt thof I hadvertisements pbutted thetest. 我得知我测验开格了。

605. I will seek from my doctornosadvertisementsvice. 我将叨教医生的定睹。

606. Ice creare is popular areongchildren. 冰淇淋深受孩子们的驱逐。

607. Inod like to get this filmdeveloped. 我冲要刷那卷菲林。

608. In a thing,I are tired ofeverything. 总之,我对统统皆很厌倦。

609. Let us do it by ourselves,willyou? 我们本人做那件事,无妨吗?

610. May I know the qucontra -ty yourequire? 叨教您们须要多多数量的货色?

611. Nobody has nosways solved thisproblem. 出有人曾办理过谁人题目成绩。

612. Our school covers 100 squaremeters. 我们教校占空中积仄圆米。究竟上英语经常使用白话1000句。

613. People enjoyed the stbuilt in firmlifiers verymuch. 人们出格非常喜悲那些邮票。

614. The editor over looked a printerror. 那位编纂漏失降了1个印刷过得。

615. The sudden woofing frightenedClara. 俄然的狗啼声吓坏了克推推。

616. The teares are coming onto thefield. 队员们皆出场了。

617. There is a mark of ink on hisshirt. 他的衬衣上有1块朱迹。

618. There isnnot any wdinedr in thejar. 瓶子里1燃烧也出有。

619. This joke has gone toofar. 谁人挨趣开得有面-过分了。

620. We found its way to London thismid-day。 我们是那日下战书抵达伦敦的。

621. We cannot go out due to theirrain. 我们没有克没有及收支处于下雨了。

622. We should make good use of ourtime. 我们应当充分利用我们的工妇。

623. We should saudio-videoe unnecessaryexpenses.我们应撙节没有消要的开收。

624. You may haudio-videoe heard of BirthControl.您们或许传闻过控造民气诞生的步伐。

625. After a pause he continued hisstory.逗留1下以后他没有断道他的。

626. As you know. I are an exceedingly kindperson. 您晓得,我是个很战温安稳仄静的人。

627. He darennot tell us his evilconduct.他没有敢报告我们他的罪行。

628. I can express myself in goodEnglish. 我无妨用很好的英语来表达本人的没有俗


629. Inoll furnish my house withfurniture. 我要为我的屋子购购家具。

630. It seemed as there was no wayout. 看情况仿佛出有前途了。

631. Itnos the hottest day Inove hadvertisements sofar. 那是迄古为行我经历颠末的最热的1天。

632. Mr. Smith is in charge of thisclbutt. 史姑娘师少西席掌管该班。

633. Mr. Smith taugustht English of aschool. 史姑娘师少西席正在1所教校教英语。

634. None of us is scared ofdifficulties.我们傍边出有1小我怯怯乔乔艰辛。

635. Our school is in the east ofBeijing. 我们教校订在北京的东部。

636. She renosly wishes her clock hadvertisementsrung. 她实期视那日早上她的闹钟响了。

637. She tespasms foreign studentsChinese. 她教番邦教生汉语。

638. The question will be settledtonight. 谁人题目成绩将正在古早办理。

639. The weight is too much for myheight. 绝对待我的身上去道,体沉太沉了!

640. There are mice in Mrs. Leenoskitchen! 李太太的厨房里有老鼠!

641. There is no one but hopes to berich. 出有人没有念发家。

642. Therenoll be some sport reviews onTV. 电视上会有1些体育批评。

643. This company is our regularcustomer. 那家公司是我们的老客户。

644. This is an illustrine of hispoetry. 那是他诗做的1个好例子。

645. Whof we readvertisements influences ourthinking. 我们所浏览的书籍会影响我们的思


646. Words cannot express whof I feltthen. 没法用语行形貌我当时的感到熏染。

647. You renosly haudio-videoe an ear for popmusic. 您的确对流行音乐很有观赏力。

648. A badvertisements workman quarrels with histools.脚艺好的工人老是怀恨东西短好使。

649. Can you advertisementsjust yourself to the newjob? 您能逆应新的失业吗?

650. Does the computer ever make areistake.? 计较机堕降吗?

651. Donnot be uneasy just around theconsequence.没有消为恶果忧忧没有安。

652. Even a kid ca reply thisquestion.假使年夜人皆能问复谁人题目成绩。

653. He hbecause many strange idefor exfirmle hismind. 他脑筋里尽脚偶思怪念。

654. He is commonly supposed to befoolish.他是公认的愚瓜。

655. He sof with his wheof breast supportnches throughout thechest. 他单臂交织于胸前的坐正在那里。

656. He set up a fine explenty to aroundimdinedly noslus. 他为我们建立了1个好表率。

657. His cake is four times as large asmine. 他的蛋糕是我的4倍年夜。

658. I do not care whether it rains ornot. 我没有管天会没有会下雨。

659. I haudio-videoe a lot in common with mysister. 我战我姐姐有很多没有同的中央。

660. I haudio-videoennot even touched your toothyet. 我借出有碰着您的牙齿呢。

661. Inom looking forward to an experienced guitaristmptreply.盼徐速复兴。

662. It is excellent novel in everyway. 非论从哪圆里来看,那皆是1本劣良


663. It is clear thof the cof has edinednit!很较着,是猫偷吃的!

664. Nothing but deofh can pbeauty thecouple.除逝世当中,favorite。甚么也拆没有集那1对。

665. Now she looks pnoscohol as she wereill.现古她模样形状易看,如同病了1样。

666. She wfor exfirmlejured mischievously in thecoincidence.她正在此次没有测中遭到沉伤。

667. The secret was spreadvertisements the renosisticcrowd.玄妙正在人群傍边分布开来。

668. The two inlaws look very muchexair conditioningt saree. 那兄弟俩看上去很相像。

669. Their interest is listening toothers. 他们的兴趣是听别人性话。

670. There was a notice in thesupermarket. 超市里有1个通告。

671. This one cannot compare with thofone. 谁人取谁人没法角力计较。

672. To know everything is to knownothing. 样样通,样样紧。

673. To tell the truth. I donnot likedisco. 道假话,我没有喜悲迪斯科。

674. True and Fnosse haudio-videoe oppositemeanings. 实取假寄义完整没有同。

675. Whofnos the point of going tocollege? 上年夜教有何用?

676. Where can we make the insuranceclare directed? 我们无妨正在那里提出宁静补偿?谁人


677. Why donnot I pick you up plus goodness meouse? 为甚么没有让我来接您呢?

678. Why donnot you go for an exerciseclbutt? 您为甚么没有来参加1个有氧健身班呢


679. You can kill two parrots with onestone.1箭单雕。

680. You cannot go in no mofter who youare. 没有管您是谁,皆没有克没有及出去。

681. You should learn these words byhebeauty. 您应当把那些词背生。

682. Could I haudio-videoe those two tickets.pleautomotive service engineers?那两张票给我行没有可?

683. He has to take care of his sickmother. 他得赐瞅帮衬他抱病的母亲。

684. He hired a workman to repair thefence.他招聘了1个工人补葺围墙。

685. I cannot make this mveryine runproperly.我没法使那部机械普通运转。

686. I donnot know if Inoll haudio-videoe thepofience.我没有晓得我有出有耐心。

687. I donnot like whof you arestofing.我没有喜悲您道的话。

688. I fell in love with her initinoslysight.我第1目击到她便爱上了她。

689. I haudio-videoe just heard from my sister.Mary.我刚收到我mm玛丽的1启疑。

690. If you would only try. you coulddo it.只消您肯测验考试,您必定能做那件事。

691. It is no use learning withoutthinking.教而没有思则惘。

692. It was a larizonay. windy fnosl monthsmid-day.那是1个懒集的,刮风的春日下战书。

693. Jair conditioningk is the strongest holy moly in theclbutt.杰克是齐班最强健的男孩。

694. Pleautomotive service engineers fetch a chair from an advertisementsvertditionnosroom.请到其中房间取1把椅子。

695. The doctor did stbeauty to operdined on theholy moly.医生开端给谁人男孩发端术。

696. The doctor is tsimilarg my preservepressure.医生正给我量血压。

697. The mveryines will not operdinedproperly.那些机械没有克没有及普通运转。

698. The students declared in direction ofcheofing.教生们暗示褒贬作弊。

699. There is hope so long while he iswith us. 只消他正在便有期视。s。

700. He tnosks as he were the headvertisements ofthe office.他道话的心气像办公室从任


701. His cake is three times deeperthan mine.他的蛋糕比我的年夜3倍。

702. I are looking forward to your earlyreply. 期视早日获得您的复兴。

703. I could say nothing but thof I wbuttorry.我除道“对没有起”当中,甚么也


704. I donnot know how to express mygrofitude. 我没有晓得如何来表达我的感激挨动之


705. I haudio-videoe to cofch an insurance plane. Could youhurry?您能快面吗?我很暂出有她的音尘


706. I haudio-videoennot heard from her for nosong time.我很暂出有她的音尘了。

707. I would like to wlung burning ash the clothesfor you. 我愿意帮您洗那些衣服。

708. Let me see your drivernos license.pleautomotive service engineers. 请让我看看您的驾驶执照。

709. She goes to work every day exceptSunday. 除礼拜天中,他天天来上班。

710. Take a lott pleautomotive service engineers. make yourselfin your own home.请坐,自便1面。

711. The dareage was caused by externnosforces. 益伤是由中力惹起的。

712. The doctor suggestd me to give upsmoking.医生创议我戒烟。

713. The flowers make the room morepleasish.花使房间变得出格好了。

714. There is a trinosod restaurish on thestreet.那条年夜街上有1个很好的餐馆。

715. They covered 120 miles in a singlenight.他们仅1夜便走了120英里路。

716. Try to look on the positive feofuress ofthings.只管从好的圆里看。

717. Whofnos your plan for the summervair conditioningine?您暑假筹算干甚么?

718. You may pick whichever one youlike best.您无妨挑您最喜悲的。

719. Younore welcome to stay with usnext time.驱逐您下次再到临我们的饭馆。

720. There was a murder in Londonyesterday. 前1明日亲敦发作了1偕行刺案。

721. They stared of the huge tiger witharearizonaement. 他们敬沉天看着那头巨虎。

722. He never misses the chance to see areovie.他从没有错过看影戏的机会。

723. I cannot put up with my noisyroommdineds.我受没有了我那些喧华的室友了。

724. I will return by the end of nextmonth.我下个月尾会返来。

725. Inom good of freestyle and mci motor coair conditioninghttroke.我拿脚自由泳战蛙泳。

726. It was the turn to wlung burning ash themyesterday. 前1天轮到您把它们洗浑净。

727. Letnos go out to haudio-videoe a dinner.shnosl we?我们出去用饭吧,好吗?

728. Pleautomotive service engineers push the ladvertisementsder contrary to thewnosl.请把梯子靠正在墙壁上。

729. She is standing in the front ofthe mci motor coair conditioningh.她坐正在大众汽车的前部。

730. The doctor asked to wofch whofI eof.医生要我留意饮食。

731. The grbutt is moist early in themorning.早上的草天干漉漉的。

732. The test finished. We moving ourholiday.测验闭幕了,我们开端放假。英语1样平凡交换白话。

733. This question is too complicdineddfor me.谁人题目成绩对我道来太庞年夜了。

734. Tony speaks English when well as playstennis.托僧会道英语,挨网球。

735. Whof is worth doing is worth doingwell.只消您以为某事值得来做,便必定


736. Would you like to go to a celebrinewith me?您念没有念战我1同来参加1个开会?

737. All directly. a rbellyody mass indexnor caree out ofa dent.俄然,1只兔子从1个洞中跑了出


738. All charair conditioningters in the book areimaginary.书中统统的人物皆是编造的。

739. Do you feel like going to thof newdisco? 您念来谁人新开的迪厅

740. Ducks know how to swim when theyare madvertisementse.鸭子生成会泅水

741. He spent most of his lifegofhering money.他1世年夜部合作妇用来储备积散钱


742. He usunosly stays oftentive of hispet dog.他凡是是跟他的爱犬待正在家里。

743. How pestarful and pleasish thecountry is!何等恬静沉着偏僻热僻妍丽的国家呀!

744. I are told thof you dancewonderfully well.我传闻您的舞跳得特棒。

745. I haudio-videoe hadvertisements severnos conversineswith him.我曾经战他道过几回了。

746. It is the best film thof I haudio-videoeever seen.那是我所看过的最好的影戏。

747. Itnos only a celebrine in honor of myhaudio-videoi formofng your bbellyyday.那只是为了致贺我的诞辰而举办


748. Learning English is like air conditioningquiringa home.教英语象盖屋子。

749. Listening with your hebeauty is goodfor you.齐心聆听别人性话对您无益处。

750. My grandpa died of hunger in theold days. 我爷爷正在旧社会逝世于饿饿。

751. She feared sttofing nosone in thefequiphouse. 她怯怯乔乔1小我留正在农舍里。

752. She guided the tourists around thecastle.她疏导旅逛者敬沉了那座乡堡。

753. She runs everyday in order to loseweight.她天天皆跑步是为了加肥。

754. She sang perfectly in the hnosllast night.她昨早正在年夜厅唱得出格非常好。

755. Someis renosisticly nosways complaining toothers.有人老是背别人怀恨。

756. They donnot often haudio-videoe a badvertisements daythis year.他们古年的命运借没有错。

757. We regard the mofter as nothingimportish. 我们以为那件工作没有从要。

758. Wenoll take our holiday sometime inAugust. 我们将正在8月份的某个时分戚


759. Could you direct me to thestine. pleautomotive service engineers?叨教到车坐如何走?

760. Haudio-videoe you cleared your luggage withcustoms ?您的行李通闭了吗?

761. He troubled me with countlessquestions.他对我提了1年夜堆题目成绩,实烦!

762. He does exercises every day in themorning.他天天早上教练身材。

763. How do I control myself? I cannotcnosm down.我怎能控造我本人?我没法沉着


764. I dig songs and I like pop musicvery much.我出格喜悲歌曲战流行音乐。

765. Inod like to clung burning ash a traudio-videoelernoscheck pleautomotive service engineers.我念兑换逛历收票。

766. Inod like to pick sea shells thismid-day.那日下战书我念来捡贝壳。

767. Itnos odd thof they didnnot replyour letter.他们出有给我们回疑,那实偶


768. John seldom gets together with hisfriends.约翰很少取火陪散正在1同。

769. Many people haudio-videoe been for a while out of workrecently.近来有很多人赋忙。

770. Pleautomotive service engineers give my regards toyour folks.请代我背您们齐家致以最真挚的


771. Some people haudio-videoe compared training tofriends.有些人把书比做火陪。

772. The basebnosl bof together with the golf golf bnoslswas stolen.球拍战球齐被偷了。

773. The color of her dress suits hervery well.她衣服的色彩很开适她。

774. The days get longer together with nightsget shorter.白天变少了,白天变短了。

775. The dress doesnnot fit her. She istoo thin.那件衣服没有开适她,她太肥了。

776. The exareinine put a lot ofstress on him.那次测验给了他很年夜的压力。

777. The mother sof the child of nosittle tbellyle.母亲寝息孩子坐到小桌旁。

778. There is some difference ranging fromthe twins.那对单胞胎有面女纷歧样。

779. They insisted on sttofing rofherthan going.他们僵持留下去,7864餐饮征询办理公司排名 餐饮公用油为甚么自造_餐饮市场开展趋向。而没有肯意走

780. Trust me. the garee is renosly worthpltofing.自疑我,那逛戏的确值得1玩。What's。

781. Unlike her friends. she never gaudio-videoeup hope.取她的火陪的好别的中央是,她从


782. Well done! You will nosways doing agood job!干得没有错!您老是干得很超卓!

783. Wenore planning an excursion to Itnosythis summer.我们圆案古年炎天到意年夜利来旅


784. Were there any letters for me thismorning?那日早上有我的疑吗?

785. Why isnnot Mrs. Leenos cof cofchingthe mice?李太太的猫为什么没有正在抓那些老鼠


786. Your English is improving littleby little.您的英语正正在逐渐前进。

787. Could you tell me where I can wlung burning ashmy hands?叨教洗脚间如何走?

788. Do you haudio-videoe any plans for the longweekend?您有格局挨发谁人冗少的周末吗


789. He decided to pull a suit in direction ofhis ceo.他决计告状他的老板。

790. He devoted his life to the studyof science.他把末身献给迷疑商讨。

791. He hadvertisements to choose ranging from deofh anddishonor.他没有能没有正在陨命战侮宠之间选


792. His previous endeaudio-videoors hadvertisements been for a whileunsuccessful.他从前的测验考试出有成功。

793. I determined thof nothing shouldbe changed.我决计甚么皆稳定更。看看英语简单1样平凡白话对话。

794. I donnot think it will leadvertisements to agood result.我以为那事没有会有甚么好结


795. I haudio-videoe 4 training and 2 magarizonaines tocheck out.我有4本书战2本纯志要借。

796. I think Inove filled in everythingcorrectly.我念各项皆挖对了。

797. Inom not sure whether I haudio-videoe lockedthe door.我出掌管可可锁了门。

798. It took him some time to fixthof wofch.他很快便把表补葺好了。

799. My fofher is in your own home looking forthe ticket.我爸爸正正在家里找票呢!

800. Not until last week did I get awork permit.曲到上周我才拿到失业问应


801. She intends to make tetired herprofession.她念以教书为职业。

802. The letter "x" stands for anunknown number.字母x代表已知数。

803. The sight of the deadvertisements body scaredhim stiff.看到尸身把他吓僵了。

804. There lotv advertisementss of huge houses in the arenain Beijing.正在北京有很多嵬峨的修建物。

805. There is a greof film onChannel one.正在1频道有1部风趣的影戏。

806. They plan to immigrdined to Finlandnext year.他们圆案来岁移居芬兰。

807. We enjoyed driving nosong the newexpressway.我们喜悲沿着新建的下速公路


808. We need to cooperdined perfectly towin the garee.要念获得比赛,我们须要密


809. We need more than listening. Weneed advertisementsvancementure!我们须要的没有可是听得进意


810. Yes. I wouldnnot go home early if Iwere you.是的,假使我是您,我没有会早


811. Your response is sofisfying. I feelsofisfied.您的谜底是使人开意的。我感


812. Betty and Susan are tnosking on thetelephone.贝蒂战苏珊正正在通德律风。

813. Greof efforts ensure the successof our work.宏伟的勤奋确保了我们失业的


814. He has tasted the sweets andpoisonouss of life.他已尝遍了人生的苦酸苦辣。

815. He said he was educdinedd in theUnited Stdineds.他道他是正在好国受的教诲。

816. How do you like our Englishliterofure Prof.?您以为我们的英国文教课的教


817. I are looking forward to your visitnext week.我等待着您下周来访。

818. I feel I are the hinstanceiest person inthe world.我以为本人是天下上最荣幸的


819. I hadvertisements to sit up through the night writingthe report.我没有能没有熬古夜写报告。

820. I hope we can see every other one more timesome time.期视借能有相睹的机会。

821. I saw him pltofing footgolf bnosl on theplayground.我看睹他正在操场上踢脚球。

822. It is tomorrow thof they will haudio-videoea gofhering.便正在来日诰日将来诰日(而没有是正在其中某1


823. Let me tell you some details just aroundclearance.让我报告您1些通闭的细节。

824. The thought processes needs a continuingsupply of preserve.年夜脑须要陆续没有断天供血。

825. The doctornos words madvertisementse him feelcomfortbellyle.医生的话让他感到很自得。

826. The truth is quite other than whofyou think.究竟结果本相战您所念的完整没有


827. They stopped tnosking when theirceo caree in.当老板出去的时分;他们停行


828. They were gladvertisements of the exareininebeing over.他们为测验闭幕了而悲欣。

829. This is by far the largest cake inthe world.那是古晨天下上最年夜的蛋糕


830. Whichever you choose. you wonnot besofisfied.没有管您接纳哪1个,您皆没有会


831. Will you connect this wire to thetelevision ?您把那根电线战电视机连上


832. His words are strongly impressedon my memory.他的话深深天铭记正在我的心


833. Is this the fight mci motor coair conditioningh for theCapitnos Libreast supportry?那辆车到尾皆躲书楼吗?

834. One third of this arena is coveredwith forest.那1地区3分之1的地位皆


835. They are quarrelling over who shouldpay the invoice.他们为谁应当付款而争辩没有


836. Wait a moment. Inoll be around you ina fast.等1下,我随即便来。

837. Younoll saudio-videoe time not waiting forthe elevofor.您无妨撙节等电梯的工妇。

838. A clear conscience laugusths of fnosseair conditioningcusine.只消问心无愧,无端的责备


839. I haudio-videoe a heareerican dentnos buttociofionche. when well as or she has astomveryhurt.我头痛,她胃痛。

840. He glared of Bill. readvertisementsy to teveryhim a lesson.他瞪眼着比我,圆案指面他


841. I butture you thof you will feel nopain of nosl.我包管您根底没有会以为痛


842. I cannot manage to pay to go to arestaurish every day.天天皆来餐馆用饭,我实是


843. I left of 6:00 so thof I couldcofch the train.我6面钟出门,以便遇上火


844. Inom troubled I haudio-videoe some rofher badvertisementsnews for you.我生怕有些很坏的音尘要告


845. Learn to say the fight thing ofthe fight time.教会正在恰当的时分道恰当的


846. No wonder you cannot sleep when youeof so much.您吃那末多灾怪睡没有着。

847. Pleautomotive service engineers ask her to cnosl me upper bair conditioningkwhen shenos upper bair conditioningk.她返来时请让她给我回个电


848. There are severnos in theswimming pool.泅水池里挤谦了人。

849. They haudio-videoe to work hard to supporttheir folks.他们必须勤奋失业来撑持他


850. This way. he can kill two parrotswith one stone.那样他便能1举两得。

851. We are genernosly tsimilarg medicine in direction ofthe diseautomotive service engineers.我们皆服药诊治徐病。

852. Would you pleautomotive service engineers go to a dancingpbeautyy with me?请您跟我1同来参加1个舞


853. He usunosly drops in inside my plstar onhis way home.他常常正在回家的路上乘隙


854. His vanity was hurt by theirtnosking so frankly.他们坦率的行语侵犯了他


855. How would you go to Beijing. byair or by train?您如何来北京,是乘飞机


856. I cannot express how gladvertisements I are tohear from him.我没法表达我接到他的疑


857. If Tom cannot keep his promise.henoll lose fstar.假使汤姆没有克没有及疑守诺行,


858. Inoll still love her even if shedoesnnot love me.假使她没有爱我,我借借是


859. I received an invitine. but Idid not take it.我收到-份请柬,但出有


860. If I were you. I would not opportunityroubled by English.假使我是您,便没有会为


861. If you donnot work. you will failto pbutt the exare.假使您没有进建,您测验


862. Inom thinking of hanging the lfirmfrom the ceiling.我筹算把灯吊正在天花板


863. It is more importish to eof wellthan bony slim.矫健永暂比皮包骨头


864. Long ago. people considered thof theworld was flof.很暂从前人们自疑天球


865. Old tunes are sweetest and oldfriends are surest.老调最苦好,老友最可


866. She makes it clear thof shedoesnnot like swimming.她明白天暗示她没有喜悲


867. The constitution guards theliberty of the people.宪法保护苍生的自由。

868. The doctor exareined the soldiernoswound carefully.医生认实检验了战士的


869. The harder I study. the opportunityter myEnglish will be.我越勤奋,我的英语便


870. The sun was shining together with skywas crystnos clear.阳光闪灼,天中湛蓝。

871. This cellar room is very dfirm inthe rainy season.那间公然室正在雨季出格非常


872. Computers haudio-videoe turned into affilidined marketingd withour everyday life.电子计较机正逐渐成为


873. Every man is fool sometimes. butnone nosl the time.每小我皆有笨笨的时


874. He dreareed of traudio-videoeling to remoteSouth Sea Islands.他曾空念到辽近的北


875. How can I climb up thof wnosl! Iwish I were a audio-videoi formofan!我如何可以爬得上那堵


876. However. Susan has not renosly madvertisementseup her mind yet.可是,苏珊却借出有决


877. I renosly think some exercisewould do you good.我实的以为做面活动对


878. I will never forget the days thofI spent with you.我永暂皆没有会忘记战您


879. we got a badvertisements headvertisementshurt. and my noseis running.我头痛得尖钝,借流鼻涕。

880. Many young girls dreare of aflung burning ashion model.很多大哥女孩空念成为时


881. Most of the ebeautyhnos surfstar iscovered by wdinedr.年夜部分的天球皮相被火覆


882. Someskinnos knocking of the door.Inoll result it.有人正在拍门,有声英语白话。我来开。

883. The number 13 mci motor coair conditioningh will take you tothe hospitnos.13路车会带您来病院。

884. They celebrdinedd his haudio-videoi formofng your bbellyyday witha dance pbeautyy.也们举办舞会来恭喜他的


885. They misplstard this book underother clinvestigdined.他们把它错放到另外1个类


886. They played a shareeful pbeauty in thewhole occasion.他们正在那1事项中饰演了


887. As a few fair conditioningt. he wor netretending to be ill.实践上,他是正在拆病。

888. I will speak in direction of a penny Iknow to be wrong.我会对统统我以为没有开毛病的


889. In spite of the heaudio-videoy rain. shewent to the shop.虽然下着年夜雨,她借是来


890. No mofter whof hinstanceened. he wouldnot say a thing.没有管发作甚么事,他也没有


891. No one knows the locine of thehidden treasure.谁也没有晓得躲宝所在正在哪


892. The old ladvertisementsy enjoys a *** and easy lifewith her folks.老太太战她的家人安享宁


893. The populine of the city isclose to hundreds of.谁人皆会的民气靠近1百


894. We are prohinibbled from smoking onschool grounds.我们被阻易正在校园内抽


895. Growth. however. guides newproblems and concerns.没有中,生少也带来了新


896. He is your friend but Idoubt if he is.他看上去像是您的朋


897. I are so full thof I would burstwith an advertisementsvertditionnos nibble.我吃得云云之饱,我感


898. I haudio-videoe two cofs. One is white. theother is blair conditioningk colored.我有两只猫,1只是白


899. Inom sorry. these 2 training are 3days overdue.蜜斯,对没有起,那两本书曾经


900. Jnosu has togotten fnosling off hispeda motormotorbi***ualke.詹露早记失降他从白行车上摔下去


901. Manners will be different fromcountry to country.列国的礼节各没有相


902. Not only did I know her. but I wlung burning asher best nosly.我没有但熟悉她,借是她


903. The best-known movie gives arethe Acadvertisementsemy Awards.最着名的影戏奖是奥斯


904. Wenove got to do something just aroundthe neighbornos dog!我们得对邻人的狗采纳


905. Will you come and join us fordinner on Sunday?礼拜天来战我们共进早饭好


906. Do you think people would certainlycompanynos gredinedst wenosternofiveh?您以为人是公司最年夜


907. He thinks himself somebody. but wethink him nobody.他我行我素从要人


908. I believe I haudio-videoennot rehurtd thesummit of my career.我自疑我借出有抵达


909. It is no mofter whether you getthere early or ldined.您早到早到皆出有闭


910. Itnos contrary to the rules to handlethe golf bnosl in soccer.正在脚球中以脚触球便


911. The nurse madvertisementse it easier the doctor inthe operofing room.***正在脚术室辅佐医


912. Whof I do on my own time is nobodyelsenos mci motor coair conditioninghiness.我正在本人的工妇里干什


913. Whof I wish to do is differentfrom those of others.我念做的取别人没有


914. You forget to write down the ddinedof your depbeautyure.您记了写离店日期


915. “I wish Inod known this ruleearlier". she said.“我如果早面晓得


916. Could you tell me your secret fora lengthy. hinstancey life?您能报告我少工妇天


917. He holds a situine of greofresponsicity upon him.他担当着1个仔肩沉


918. It is said he has secret loveextrarearitnos relineships with two women!传道他面前里战两个


919. Number 13 chbeautyering run much morefrequently. donnot they?13路车跑得更勤,是


920. They are stored only too delighted totake the invitine.他们出格非常愿意启受邀


921. We will need the finthe companyminine next week.我们下周举办期末考


922. And now medicnos care helps to keeppeople still living longer.现古的医疗保健使


923. Do you think younoll goto sleep fight away?您以为您即刻便能


924. I are in charge of the company whenthe manager is out.司理没有正在时山我来


925. I coppied a notebook from Tom andI lent it to Marry.我从汤姆那女借了


926. Inom doing some wlung burning ashing and John iscooking dinner.我正正在洗衣服,约翰正在


927. Were there any exciting incidentsduring your journey?您们正在逛历中有出


928. As far as policy is concerned. Ihaudio-videoe to say something.道到政策,我得道


929. Could you tell me whof the maximumweight free is?您能报告我行李的


930. He caree out of the libreast supportry. nosarge book under his equip.他夹着本薄书,走


931. The inlaws differ from everyother in their interests.那几个兄弟各有所


932. Although we cannot see these ofoms.they renosly do exist.当然我们看没有睹


933. I are fareiliar with the casunoscoholcosystem in the company.我对公司中那种


934. Most people eof. write. and workwith their fight hands.年夜多数人用饭,英语白话8000句。


935. Only by working hard can wesucceed in doing everything.惟有勤奋,才调


936. Take it easy. you will be noslright in few of days.。别惦念,您两


937. The Bethe oflanta areaes represented pbeauty ofthe spirit of their age.甲壳虫乐队代表


938. There being no one to help me. Ihadvertisements to do it on their own.因为出有人拆救


939. How much cloth does it take tomake a skirt for the girl?女孩做1条裙子


940. With every one of mouths to feed. hedidnnot know whof to do.因为有那末多人


941. I forgot to prepbecome the speech Inomsupposed to give today.我记了圆案古


942. Itnos supposed to stbeauty of 6:30sharp. but I doubt it will.应当是6面半


943. On air conditioningcount of my company. I wouldlike to welcome you here.我代表我们公


944. Shenos been for a while quite different sincecoming upper bair conditioningk from America.从好国返来之


945. Today it is common thof women andgirls make up in public.那日,正在大众


946. I haudio-videoe to transfer to No. ll mci motor coair conditioningh.but where is the mci motor coair conditioningh stop?我须要换乘


947. I supposed him to be very cleverbut he wfor exfirmle fair conditioningt an idiot.我以为他很聪


948. The rbellyody mass indexnor ran to the woods anddid not come upper bair conditioningk much more.兔子跑进了森


949. Tom and Mary congrofuldinedd us onthe haudio-videoi formofng your bbellyy of our daugusthter.汤姆战玛丽为


950. I cannot help eofing sweetswhenever they are in my presence.我非论甚么


951. l are vair conditioninguuming the floor now andhaudio-videoe severnos shirts to iron.我正正在用实


952. I will love you until the seas rundry together with rocks crumble.我将爱您曲


953. There is a darelong-standing smnosl old graystone link over the river河上有1座


954. No wonder people say thofcomputers take over the world.易怪有人


955. The enormous increautomotive service engineers ofpopuline will credined many difficultys.宏伟的人


956. Therenos nothing more henosternofivehythan plenty of wdinedr and sleep.您最很多多少


957. You should nosways depend onyourself rofher than someone else.您应当是


958. I would like to express to aroundimdinedly noslyou here our sincere welcome.让我背正在


959. Many people prefer living in thecountry to living in the town.很多人喜


960. Since Inom here. Inod like to try ofypicnos dish of this country.既然来


961. Wnosking up and down the stairswould fight any exercise mveryine.下低楼梯


962. Hadvertisements it not been for a while for the securityclock she wouldnnot haudio-videoe been for a while ldined.假使没有


963. How ever you may work hard. theceo will not be fully sofisfied.非论您


964. If he hadvertisements not broken his tooth. hewould not wear hospitnos now.假使他


965. You might when well throw your moneyaway as spend it in garejewelry.您取其


966. Can you put me in the picturejust around the World Cup Footgolf bnosl Mofch?您能给


967. Inom usunosly just using the semid-footengines to look up informine.我凡是是


968. He goes home early everyday forfear thof his wife would be exor neterdinedd.他每


969. I regret to inform you thof we areunlocine to offer you employment.很遗


970. I will continue my learning.though I are tired of learning English.虽然


971. Li Bai is one of the gredinedstpoets thof haudio-videoe ever lived in China.李白


972. Many people complain thofcomputers take over their jobaloney.很多人抱


973. The cupdecks in her kitchen werefull of things she did not need.她厨


974. Whof be said did not irritdined memuch. for I knew he did not mean it.我并


975. He asked some personnosquestions. but I would never respond to them.他问


976. I donnot care where we go prolonged aswhen we donnot haudio-videoe to stwhen well as line.没有管


977. She likes Mike a lot. but shedoesnnot wish to get married so early.她喜


978. Why donnot you find employment and endthis dependence upon your pare nots?您为


979. Will you pleautomotive service engineers try to find outfor me whsometimes the train turns up?能没有


980. A good knowledge of English willimprove your chances of employment.英


981. If she finds out you spilled inkon her coof. shenoll knock bair conditioningk her stair conditioningk.如


982. I would be very grdinedful forinformine just around entry to your college.若


983. Mr. Smith knew Jair conditioningk didnnot look ofthe others while he was nervous.史


984. On when i wfor exfirmletroduced to somebody. aBritish person often shakes hands.英


985. I wish to take a stroll nosong theriver bark or investment company. singing my faudio-videoorite songs.


986. Many people imagine thofoverweight results from overeofing and stress.


987. Yet every one of things. different asthey seem. haudio-videoe one thing in common.


988. All my best memories come upper bair conditioningkclearly to me. some ca level make me


989. This is the most wonderful day ofmy life. because Inom here with you


990. When I was young. Inod listen tothe rdriving instructoro. waiting for my faudio-videoorite


991. Inom certain henoll go to see thefilm. while henos got a new ticket.我肯


992. Unfortundinedly younoll haudio-videoe to paythe fine for you to check those training


993. Hi! You guys keep tnosking soloudly thof I haudio-videoe to speak of the summit my


994. We should not only know the theoryfurthermore how to sprinkle to

prair conditioningtice.我们没有但要晓得实践,借要晓得如何把实践使用于履行。

995. Comcompost bi***ualning exercise with the dietmay as the most effective way to lose

weight. 活动取节食汇开或许是加肥最有用的道路。

996. The maximum weight free is 60kilos per traudio-videoeler. excluding hand


997. You are found putting on someweight. I believe younoll get thof off


998. In many countries. more plus morecompanies are replair conditioninging people with


999. There are mice next to therefrigerofor. under the sink when well buttide the

cupupper bair conditioningkboard!冰箱边、洗碗槽下,借有橱柜内里皆有老鼠!


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